Beach Rugby Tournament Concluded Amid Great Euphoria

In Swansea, the Beach Rugby Wales (BRW) is an annual rugby festival and this year it celebrated its 12th year.

The competition has become extremely popular and now it has been partnered with the Welsh Rugby League (WRL), which began in the year 2006. In the first year of this championship only six teams participate, but this year the participating team size has grown to 54 teams and they are from all over the UK.

Beach Rugby Tournament Of Britain A Great Success

The British Beach Rugby tournament has been hailed a success, with fans flocking to see which sides would prevail. Teams of nine male and three female players took part in the event to raise money and awareness for the charity Braintrust.

The tournament was held at Boscombe Beach and was the first in the country run by the (EBRA) European Beach Rugby Association.


Residents and visitors alike at the West Wittering beach were on hand to speak about the chaos that surrounded the beach non Sunday, June 18, the hottest day of the year so far.

No less than 5,000 vehicles travelled down to the beach on that day to get a piece of the action. James Crespi, manager of the West Wittering Beach Estate pegged the number of vehicles at approximately 5,100.

Beach Rugby Ibiza Starting Soon

On 6 May 2017, the biggest ever Rugby will arrive in San Antonio.

Yes, we are talking about Ibiza Beach Rugby Festival. It is arriving in the city on 6h of May. In the 2017 sporting calendar of Ibiza Beach, this is going to be the most popular event. It is expected that approximately 500 participants will join the event of 2017.

Why Figueira Beach Rugby International Is Popular?

All the editions of the Figueira Beach Rugby International held so far have been a runaway hit.

The latest 2016 edition of the Figueira Beach Rugby International enjoyed great success even beyond the game. The tournament is not just an event where you play beach rugby on the beach. There is very good camaraderie, vibe, fun, frolic and a chance to meet up with old and new friends that is on offer at Figueira Beach every year. This is why lots and lots of people make it to this event every year.

Camps Bay Beach Rugby Series

Camps Bay beach rugby series sees serious action on opening night. There were six opening matches at Camps Bay, where 80 players came back to participate. There are teams participating in the Beach Rugby Series like Switch Fitness, Flying Fish, CIPLA Nutrition, Whey O and others.

The spring season was kicked off by these teams and old and new players came on board to show why they are known to own the beach when they play. Legendary players of Camps Bay came on to showcase their skills against the staff of Caprice. The latter team was outplayed by their opponents who were more experienced.

Beach Rugby Has A Dedicated Destination In Cape Town

Switch Cape Town is an iconic center for training in beach rugby.

This facility of UR7s in South Africa will become the training center where the Beach Rugby series will be held for the spring, summer as well as autumn seasons. This series has become a much revered event for rugby enthusiasts across Cape Town. Players who look for opportunities will be able to train at The Switch Playground which is the name of the training facility. It will help them get into shape for the upcoming rugby seasons.

Bkk Lions A Novelty In Thailand

Not many have heard of the BKK Lions as yet.

You might be one of the first few to read about them as this mini rugby team has recently been formed. It is known as Bangkok Lions Mini Rugby Union. It has been established by experienced rugby players and enthusiasts of Bangkok who have been trying to bring the game among the youths in the country. With this union formed, they wish to promote the game among Thai as well as youths of the expatriate communities in this country.

Pocock thanks authorities for 3-week ban

In spite of being banned for putting another rugby player in a sleeper hold during a recent game, David Pocock, the rugby union star, has thanked the governing bodies of the game for their hard line stance to such incidents.

Video from previous Saturday's Super Rugby match between New Zealand's Chiefs and Pocock's Brumbies in Canberra shows David putting Chiefs No 8 Michael Leitch in the unsafe bind.